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Sims 4 wont be out for MAC until a while after the PC release.

I have a free copy of windows and bootcamping it. lol  I also run the blog fuckyeahthesims4 so I am aware. But thanks for the reminder. :)

maybe u'll get a date wit him!! :3 :3 :3

I’m not looking to date haha. 
but he was good looking! And could carry on a conversation about soccer for 1/2 an hour. Though I was pretty drunk so I probably just kept rambling. haha.

mom’s surprise party was a success. As soon as she walked in she was like “Oh shit!” lots of dancing, food, and drinks were had. I was quite drunk. My dad had people playing games like Texas horseshoes, and black jack and I came in second ;) I won a pot which i gave to my sister. My papa said that i had one in my stomach already pretty much saying i was chubby. So… thanks Papa. I talked to this cute guy for like 1/2 an hour about soccer. He left though before I could say bye. Overall a good time. I am completely wiped now though, and a wee bit hungover.