Madds Mikkelsen

how the fuck is Pharrell Williams 41 years old. 

I just found out hannibal filmed in my home town and now I’m all upset and i really hope they film here again so I can snoop around on set and stuff. 


Nathan Bobey

I am watching game of thrones right now. 
I am at the very end of season 3. 

I am not ok right now. 
my emotions, what the fuck.


street - seoul by Shoji Kawabata. a.k.a. strange_ojisan on Flickr.

(by theonlymagicleftisart)

After 62 layers of colour my hannibal painting it finally done.. collectively i would say it took me about.. 6 hours just because I would start painting part of it, and then delete the layer because i wasn’t happy with it. Also because the creases in the clothing were so frustrating to do… and this is my first time doing a photoshop painting haha. This scene is from Season One Episode One titled: “Apéritif”. Where hannibal is in the kitchen pounding the lungs for his dinner.  This was based on this photo: am thinking of doing a Game of Thrones painting next, since I am pretty addicted to it now.

Anonymous asked: Thx! i couldnt find it bfore. =]

not to worry kind anon. 
just glad i could help you.